Transforming photos into works of art

From design to painting: How a Toast is born – 2

This post uses an example to explain the process flow from the time we get your inputs, until the delivery of the Toast.

Once you provide us with your inputs – pictures, theme, props and other requirements – our creative team brainstorms and designs the toast by combining the input elements in the best possible way. We do this first trial run free of cost, and provide a digital version for your review.

If you want to make changes at this stage, we are glad to incorporate them into the design. We are open to doing as many iterations as required, since it is important that we get the design right before going ahead! Here’s an example of a typical sample:

Once you receive the trial sample, you get back to us with feedback and we incorporate modifications until you are satisfied with how your Toast will look. The payment is done at this stage, before our professional painters render the agreed upon design onto canvas.

Here’s how the final Toast looks. We have used the knife technique for this painting, i.e. the strokes are made using the side to give it the unique look. It is a near faithful rendition of the original design, only better since it is embellished by the hand-crafted brilliance of oil on canvas!

PS – The guy in the painting has two passions – his wife and cricket! That explains the visual elements included in the toast.

Want to have a Toast of your own? Get in touch with us right now! Drop us a mail at, or use the contact form on the right pane of this blog.


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