Transforming photos into works of art


Thank you all for your interest in RedToast. We have been receiving queries and thought that it was time to put together a FAQ post so that the more shy (or lazy) ones among you who might have the same questions, might get the answers too. Feel free to write to us at or through the contact box in the right margin of this page for more information.

1. So what exactly does RedToast do?

A unique gift, a token of love, a piece of art, customised home decoration, a stylish painting, a reason to celebrate… RedToast is an attempt to roll all this into one. We specialise in transforming normal photographs into hand-painted masterpieces that can adorn your walls, through a creatively intense process. The end product is an oil painting on mounted canvas, but it would be wrong to call a Toast a painting.

2. So how is this concept different from a painting or a portrait?

A painting is a faithful imitation of a snapshot, and is hence incapable of featuring additional design elements. In a sense, paintings are constrained by the need to conform to reality! Assume you want a painting of your friend who is good at playing the piano, and also enjoys travelling. It is impossible for a painted portrait to capture two such disparate personality traits. But a Toast does not suffer from such constraints. We can easily produce a design that combines your friend’s profile with images of a piano, his favourite travel destinations, apart from adding in more abstract elements of his character and much, much more.

3. So this is just a digital remix of photographs?

Not at all. The Toast features a lot more than just photographs. It integrates several elements – physical such as images and text; abstract such as mood and tone; as well as thematic props. Photographs, much like paintings, rarely capture all these diverse elements. Imagine our friend from the previous example getting a picture clicked while playing the piano atop the Eiffel Tower!

Additionally, a Toast stands apart from a photograph since it is hand-painted by a set of outstanding artisans, who have mastered the craft of putting oil on canvas.

4. Ok, I want to get a Toast done. How do I go about it?

Great! Welcome aboard. Shoot us off a mail at and we will get back in touch with you to get your requirements. Still a little confused about how to make best use of our services? Worry not, for we are at hand to help you zero in on the right Toast.

5. What are the various inputs that go into designing a toast?

There is really no restriction to the type of input you can provide us. The idea is to capture and celebrate as many elements of the subject’s personality as possible. Apart from their best photographs, you can share with us their likes/dislikes (food, place, book, song, hobbies, painting, color), as well as the overall mood, occasion and theme desired for the Toast. The sky is the limit – the more the inputs the better. Again, we are there to help you through the process.

6. I love the concept and want to go ahead with it, but unfortunately I don’t have high resolution pictures of my loved ones! What do I do?

That’s not a problem at all! The resolution of the pictures you provide don’t matter to us since our artists will recreate them from scratch on canvas. All that matters is that the photo captures a special moment perfectly!

7. What is the typical size of a Toast?

That depends on how you want it to be displayed. It can be as small as 1ft X 1ft or as big as 5ft X 5ft. It can be a single painting or a multiple-panel set such as a triptych (three panels). The sky is literally the limit.

8. How long does it take to prepare a Toast?

From the time of receiving your inputs, it typically takes about 25-30 days to deliver the Toast. We are working towards reducing lead times further; however, the main constraint is the drying stage for the painting – a process that cannot be hurried. So if you are looking to gift someone a Toast on a special day, don’t leave it to the last moment!

9. Will the final Toast be ready for display?

We have the option of either providing you with a rolled up canvas, or a mounted canvas at a nominal additional charge.

10. What are the payment options available to me?

Currently we accept the payments through a bank transfer to our account. We are working on getting payment gateways set up in the near future.


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