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Photographs capture the best moments of our lives, but there is only so far the camera can go. At Redtoast, we transform a set of your best photographs into timeless canvas masterpieces that can adorn your walls. Here’s a quick walk-through that attempts to capture the process by which we convert pictures into works of art.

The test subjects, D and M, are a couple based in Madras. They have been married for two years and love each other as dearly as they love their city. M is a strategy consultant, while D is a yoga trainer. And both of them have a soft spot for the colours of life and beaches (all of which we will incorporate into their Toast)! We asked them to send us a bunch of their best photographs, of which we picked the following for the Toast.

To populate the triptych (three panel wall-hanging), we chose four portraits with close-ups of the couple:

Additionally, we picked a couple of striking high-resolution pictures of her on a beach.

The settings of the pictures are brilliant, but note that for our purpose, they may have as well been shot indoors. As you will see below, the creativity of our design experts is about to retain the human features of these photographs and render them with a completely different look and feel.

At Red Toast, we give mundane photographs an artistic finish through a technically and creatively intensive process. We first produce a digital version, which incorporates the right design elements that enhance the best features of the pictures.

We then hand the digital version over to our painters, who have extended training in the art of putting paint to canvas. It is this step that makes a Toast stand apart from a run of the mill poster, or a straightforward painting. The conversion of the digital impression into a handmade painting ensures that your Toast incorporates the best of both worlds.

Here’s what we come up with at the end of our efforts (please click to enlarge):

Note the thematic usage of colours in the triptych. We have included a silhouette of a girl in a yoga pose in the first panel, which immediately connects with the biggest passion in Divya’s life. Next to it is a subtle outline of the famous Anna Memorial, a heritage site on the Marina Beach in Chennai, a place often frequented by the couple.

In the third panel, observe how the image if Divya on the beach has been made to look like she is splashing coloured water on the faces on the right… And both of them seem to be squinting in joy in the pic, the standard reaction of people splashed with water!

This is how the Toast would look on the walls of their bedroom. Intimate, special and altogether wonderful!

Red Toast

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